Who We Are and What We Do

The Empowering People Project is a not-for-profit CIC run by a board of directors with vast experience in the mental wellbeing sector and with charitable and health organisational backgrounds.  
Our aim is to ensure that all people who are experiencing mental illness or emotional wellbeing issues can gain knowledge, understanding and information surrounding their experiences and access to the correct support and tools to empower them on their road to recovery.

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Say Hello to Our Board of Directors

Meet the People Behind The Empowering People Project

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Emily Fender

Chair of the Board

Emily is a Registered Mental Health Nurse with a background in crisis and community care in both the NHS and private sectors. The Empowering People Project was launched by Emily through a passion to ensure the right support is accessible and available to everyone who needs it.
The pandemic highlighted lots of health and social care inequalities for Emily and she decided that something must be done on a local grassroots level to promote the mental wellbeing of her community.
Emily understands the multifaceted and "joined up" holistic approach that must be taken to ensure good service delivery to those who most need it to boost emotional wellbeing and continue to break down the stigma that still unfortunately surrounds mental illness.

Rebecca Plant

Board Member / Director of Communications & Digital Services

Personable and detail-orientated, Rebecca is beloved by both our donors and our team. Rebecca has previously worked in the Private Mental Health sector at Board Level and now successfully runs two businesses of her own.
She has a strong passion for breaking down the stigma surrounding Mental Health and is always one to speak loudly and proudly about her own previous struggles with PTSD & Depression and how it's shaped her life today.


Olivia Hodgson

Board Member/ Grant Manager

Olivia is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in regulation compliance and audit. Olivia is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues and mental health in the workplace. Originally from Buckinghamshire, Olivia has lived in Swansea for 13 years with her husband and two cats. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Grant Manager, and we’re so happy to have Olivia as part of the The Empowering People Project C.I.C team.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh